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Genie 1932 E-Drive

Midland Access Platforms has acquired four new Genie 1932 E-Drive scissor lifts and has committed to only purchasing E-Drives going forward. This article will walk you through the 1932 model and why we like it.

E-Drive, what dose it do and what makes it better. Genie have said that E-Drive slab scissors will increase productivity and decrease maintenance costs improving the cost of ownership, but how? The new drive motors are no longer hydraulic and are now AC electric drive systems this allows better run times of 30%. 1932 E-drives can now drive up dove tail ramps without the bottoming out.

Another new feature is they can be used inside and outside perfect for multiple jobs on site, saving everyone time and money not having to hire another machine. Loading will no longer be a problem as the 1932 E-drive has new fork lift side pockets allowing for quick loading and unloading.

E-Drives also boast 70% less hydraulic hoses this massively lowers the chances of having a leak on site and also lowers the amount of maintenance required. No more changing deck tape as the new floor has diamond plate steel giving long lasting grip. Genie state that all these new features reduce the maintenance coats by 35%.

Here at Midland we love this machine and all the new features, any advance in technology that is helping us or our customers we will definitely be involved as we strive to give the best possible service.


Max Working Height 25 ft 7.79 m

Capacity: 500lb 227kg

Width: 2 ft 8in 0.81m

Length: 6ft 1.83m

Weight: 3,313lb 1,503kg


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